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Terms and conditions of use

General conditions of have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-OCT2), based on the recommendations Chamber of Commerce and international codes for e-commerce. is managed by company: Moja trgovinica, spletna trgovina in storitve, Boštjan Dečman s. p. 

Visitor can become user of with registration. For registration please enter your valid email address and desired password. Confirmation of successful registration, the visitor receives in electronic form in the mailbox indicated by the registration in order to become a user of our services. By registering, the visitor becomes a user of our services and obtain the option of shopping online at

Dostopnost informacij

(povzeto po zakonodaji) 

Moja trgovinica, Boštjan Dečman s. p., se obligate, that will allways provide customers following information:

-          Identity of the company (name and address, number ob registration)

-          Contact data for quick and effective communication (e-mail, phone)

-          Essential characteristics of goods or services (including after sales services and guarantees)·

-          Availability of products (each product or service that is offered on the site, should be available within a reasonable time),· pogoje dostave artiklov ali izvršitve storitve (način, kraj in rok dostave),

-          All prices must be clearly and unambiguously defined and it must be shown that already include taxes and transport costs· način plačila in dostave,

-          Temporal validity of offers

-          The period within which it is possible to cancel the contract and conditions for Withdrawal, and they are also about when and how much the buyer will cost to return item,

-          Explained the appeal process, including details of the contact person or department for customer contact.


Range of Products

Web is a rapidly growing and changing. must adapt to market conditions, supply and competition, so for those reasons also offer of the is often and repeatedly changing.

Prices are presented as online prices, which means that this is the price that applies to buy online in case of 100% advance payments to the bank account of the company Moja trgovinica, Boštjan Dečman s. p. by PayPal or Moneybookers.

Methods of payment offers you the following payment methods:

- pay with PayPal, which includes Visa, American Express, Master Card.

- pay with Moneybookers, which also inludes payments with Visa, American Express, Master Card, Diners... 


Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p. provides to customer invoice in paper form with a breakdown of costs and instructions on how to withdraw from the purchase and the items returned, if necessary and possible.

Purchase agreement (contract) is electronically stored on the provider's server and made available to the buyer at any time in his user profile (My Account). 


Web price

for the users at online store Visitor becomes a user with registration in Registration is also possible during the purchase process.

These prices already include VAT, breakdown of prices on price without VAT and VAT is visible in the shopping cart as well as estimates or other form of notice buyer recieves at the time the order confirmation to your email address.

Prices are valid at the time of contract award and have a predetermined force.

Prices are valid in the case of payment by the above methods of payment, under the above conditions.

Despite enormous efforts to ensure that the most up to date and accurate information, it may happen that the data on the price is wrong. In this case, or in the event that the price of the item changed during order processing, customer service will enable the cancellation of purchase, but will offer a customer service solution that will go to mutual satisfaction.

Purchase agreement between the provider and the customer is concluded at the moment when provider confirms the order (the customer receives an email on the status of  Order confirmed). From that moment, all prices and other terms are fixed and apply to the provider and the customer. 

The process of shopping

1. Checkout accepted

After award of the contract the buyer is notified by email that we received your order. At this stage the customer is given within one hour of the option to cancel the contract in writing and in electronic form to the e-mail address The customer is always provided comprehensive data on the status and content of the contract.

2. Order confirmed

If a customer order is not withdrawn, the order goes further treatment. checks availability of ordered products and order confirms or rejects on the ground. To verify the accuracy of the information or to notify custumer about the availability of the products, may call the customer on his contact telephone number. In approving the contract provider shall inform the customer by e-mail of the estimated delivery time. The contract to purchase of the ordered products between buyers and suppliers at this stage definitively is concluded. 

3. Goods shipped

Provider will send goods within the agreed time and notify costumer by about the status of shippment.  Provider in that e-mail can also inform the buyer about the return policy, where to turn in case of delays in delivery and where to turn in case of complaints.


The right to withdraw from the purchase, return of goods


The consumer has the right, within 14 days of receipt of goods to withdraw from the contract without having to state a reason for its decision. Only cost incurred by the consumer in connection the cancellation of the contract is the cost of returning the goods. Goods must be returned within 14 days of the filed notice of withdrawal (purchase). To withdraw from the contract please notify us first by sending email to

Received goods must be returned undamaged and in the same quantity, unless the goods are damaged, corrupted, lost or reduced their quantity, without fault of the consumer.

Please return goods in the original packaging, intact and un-perfumed (avoid wearing perfume or deodorant when clothing). If we receive damaged or perfumed product or in a different state than you have been sent, we have the right to refuse a product.

When returning items, any funds from the account or promotional code are considered as a discount - we will return only the paid amount, as well as the funds are not returned to customer user  account.

If the buyer returns bought goods, we wil return paid amount as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt or withdrawal. After receipt of the returned goods, we will transfer  paid amount to the bank account of client by Moneybookers or PayPal.

Return the goods received within the company for withdrawal is not considered to be the message of withdrawal.

- Form for return items can be found here:

Form for return items the buyer can  also made and print in the My Account -> Order History, where order customer wish to return, can be choosed by clicking on the Details. In order highlight selected items to return with a check mark in the appropriate squares. In the empty box enter the reason of withdrawal (not mandatory, but it is desirable for further Logistics) - in the event that the reason you do not want to enter, enter any character, letter or number, then click on the Create a recovery certificate. On the form, customer can be provided with additional information regarding the right of returning the goods and the conditions and manner of implementation of the right itself. Those are all the necessary information regarding the address where the customer can write in response to complaints and information about warranties and service and other services after the completion of the contract.


Products have a warranty, if so indicated on the warranty card or on account. This warranty is valid by following the instructions on the warranty card, and upon presentation of invoice. Warranty periods are listed on the warranty or invoice.
Warranty information is also listed on the item with the presentation. If no warranty information, product does not have guarantee or indication at this time is unknown. In the latter case, the buyer can contact Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Dečman s. p., which will provide up to date information. 


The cost of delivery is reflected in the ordering process. Check the actual cost of processing and delivery before deciding to purchase! Total costs are shown in the statement before submitting your order.

Shipping carriers:

- Pošta Slovenije

Pošta Slovenije delivers to the countries worldwide: Europe, Out of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania. If you have any difficulties placing order to your country, please notify!

Delivery time

Delivery time is up to 3 days for goods in stock or 10-14 days for the goods on behalf of the below conditions:

- preparation for delivery of your order run as soon as you receive an email confirming that your order is in execution.

- in the case the product you ordered, just ran out and is no longer in stock, you will be provided the new time of delivery notifications via email. 

Contract partner for the delivery is the Post of Slovenia, but the seller retains the right to choose another delivery service if this contract may be met more effectively. 



The provider uses the appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transmission and storage of personal data and payment.

  The protection of personal data is liable to the user, in such a way to ensure the security of your username and password and appropriate software (anti-virus) to protect your computer. 

Protection of personal data

We recognize the importance of protecting personal information We take care to cater all the requirements of the protection of personal data. Moja trgovinica,  Bostjan Decman s. p., is liable in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1-UPB1) to protecting the personal data of its users.

For business needs gathers the following information:

-          Name and Surname

-          Address and place of residence

-          E-mail address (valid as username),

-          Telephone numbe

-          Date of birth (optional)

-          Password (encripted)

-          And other data that users enter in forms at



We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by users of our service. For the purpose of ensuring security we also collect IP addresses from which users access the site. Each user is assigned at the beginning of the visit session cookie (preliminary Cookie) to identify and monitor your shopping basket. may save some persistent cookies on visiters computers like: the identification number of the user in an encrypted form (to identify the next visit), review articles (that you know which items you already rated), and four cookies of Google Analytics (analysis visits to the site). All of these data, with the exception of cookies, the server ( stores permanently.  Session cookies are stored in the server's memory only for the duration of the visit and are deleted after one hour of inactivity, Permanent cookies are stored on the visitor's computer.

Summary data of can be used in anonymised form for purposes of statistical analysis.

User data in any case will not be handed over to unauthorized persons. Delivery service (eg. Post of Slovenia) will be given only user's shipping address.

The users will be contacted by means of distance communication only if the user does not expressly oppose. 

User agrees that this company, Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p., can send notifications related to company's offers (sending of information material, proposals, invoices) and other communication required for order fulfillment. User or his guardian or legal representative may at any time revoke his consent for the use of personal information obtained in the process of registration, ordering and delivery for direct marketing purposes. 

  1. Invoices are archived at the company Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p., Partisanka cesta 7, 1431 Dol Hrastniku, Slovenia. Access to them, you can ask by e-mail or business address.
  2. The company Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p. is committed to the collection of personal information used in accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  3. Web page  includes also  links to other websites which are not owned by Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman a. p. and for which it can not guarantee the security of personal data. 

Extremely disclosure of personal information

Data supplied by ( collects and processes will be disclosed only if such liability is determined by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary for the proceedings before the courts or other state agencies and the protect and promote the legitimate interests 


By using the Web site are also agreeing to these terms of use of your personal data 


Company will be entered by the user in touch by any means of long distance communication only if the user does not explicitly object

Commercial e-mails will contain the following elements:

  • Clear and unambiguous will be marked as advertisements,
  • Sender will be made clear,
  • Various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such. It will also clearly set out the conditions of participation in them
  • To clearly demonstrate the method of opting out from receiving advertisements
  • If user does not wish to receive advertising messages, the provider will specifically honor.


Comments / feedback from users 

Reviews and user comments and reviews of products written by customers is the functionality of shop. Visitors can write down comments or opinion of the producst. Comments and opinions can be reviewed before the fhe final publication. Provider will not publish comments or the views that are way offensive, obscene or if the provider believes that they do not provide benefits to other users and visitors. 

By submitting opinion or comment, the user expressly agrees to the terms of use and allows the publication of part or all of the text in all electronic and other media.

Child care

Advertising messages are clear (considering age) and clearly distinct from the games and competitions.

Any communication intended for children, it will be appropriate to their age and will not be exploited trust of children, lack of experience or sense of loyalty. can not take orders from someone, knowing or suspecting that a child is not to have the express permission of their parents or guardians., without the express permission of their parents or guardians, can not accept any personal data relating to children. Also, a third party provider may not issue data taken from children, except the parents or guardians. 

The provider does not offer free access to products or services that are harmful to children.


Absolution of responsibility 

Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p.,  do their best to ensure currency and accuracy of the information published on its pages. Nevertheless, the nature of items, delivery or price change so rapidly, that the provider fails to correct the information on the website. In such a case, the buyer will be informed of changes and to cancel the order or of replacement of items.

Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p., is not responsible for the content of opinions on the articles, written by the visitors. Provider opinion prior to publication, review and reject those that contain obvious untruths  that might be misleading or offensive. Company is not responsible for the information and opinions are exempt of any liability arising from the information in the documents.

Although the company Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p., tries to provide accurate pictures of products, all photographs must be taken as symbolic. Photos do not provide the item properties.

The company Moja trgovinica, Boštjan Dečman s. p., reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time and in any manner, for any reason and without notice.


Complaints and disputes 

The company Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p., respects the existing consumer protection laws. Company to make every effort to comply with their duty to establish an effective system for dealing with complaints and designate a person, which, in case of problems, the customer can connect the phone or by email.

The appeal shall be submitted via e-mail address Complaint procedure is confidential. 

Moja trgovinica, Bostjan Decman s. p., is aware that a key feature of consumer dispute, at least in terms of solving the case, the mismatch between the economic value of the claim and costs incurred in resolving the dispute. It is also a major obstacle to the consumer does not initiate proceedings before the court.

Therefore, the company towards their best to resolve any disputes amicably. 

Moja trgovinica, Boštjan Dečman s.p. recommends,  that the client before contracting, carefully read the operating conditions and store them on a durable medium, for example: A4 paper for later use.

We wish you pleasant shopping.

Bostjan Decman 

Tel.: +386 (0)41 810 778
Moja trgovinica, Boštjan Dečman s. p.
Partizanska cesta 7,
SI-1431 Dol pri Hrastniku